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Indian Food…The Vegan’s Friend!


Indian cuisine is the vegan’s friend. India is well known for having one of the largest populations of vegetarians in the world,  with over 40%.



Luckily for vegans, even after siphoning off the indian dishes that include animal derived ingredients, you’ll still have a lot of tasty dishes to choose from.

At the Maharaja we cater for every personal requirement. Some of the dishes we serve may be garnished with butter or cream but you can simply request our staff to omit those ingredients.


Order Up!

Indian food need not become a ‘no-go zone’ if you are vegan, many of our guests are. In fact, you may find that Indian food offers the widest choice when it comes to dining with non-vegan friends and family, as well as other vegans of course.

Indians have a very close connection with their food and they take pride in their spices, flavours and aromas. We also consume less meat per capita than any other country in the world, so we understand and honour your requests!

Whether you’re a carnivore, pescetarian, vegetarian or vegan, we’ve got a dish to suit from the deliciously diverse cuisine of India whether it’s  in our buffet or a la carte menu.

The most important thing to check is whether the dish you are choosing ghee (clarified butter) or vegetable oil. We mention this in our menu. Traditionally, most curries were cooked in ghee, however, at the Maharaja, we use vegetable oil unless stated on our menu.

If a dish does contain ghee, simply ask our staff, whether your dish can be cooked with vegetable and we’ll make sure it’s done!

There are a few ingredients you will need to watch out for and avoid as a vegan, the main ones being dairy products such as yogurt, cream and paneer cheese, which we detail on our menu. We also have an allergy list, which you can always double check with your waitor.

Poppadom, chapatti, puri and roti are all vegan, so you can order as many of those as you like. Chapatti are often brushed with butter, and although you can ask request the chef to not add this. Our appetisers, poppadoms are usually served with an array of sauces and chutneys, most of which are all vegan. Raita is a sauce made from yogurt, so that is one to avoid.


Your Meat Free Feast!

In terms of starters, onion bhaji, mixed vegetable pakora, vegetable samosa, melon and aloo matter tikka (minus the yoghurt) and Quorn options are all ones to go for. With additonial Paneer cheese options for vegetarians.

There’s a heap of mains and sides to choose from! Quorn options, stuffed Portobello mushrooms with sag paneer for vegetarians or sag aloo if requested, for vegans, courgette toriya, Maharaja broccoli, sabzi satrang, bindia bhaji, nakel rami, aloo chollay, vegetable curry, veggie vindaloo, chana masala, vegetable biryani, jalfrezi, and balti are all great main options. And the majority of the sides tend to be veggie-packed; saag aloo, aloo gobi, tarka daal and Bombay potato are all filling and flavourful dishes.

Hopefully you’ll now feel a little more confident walking through our doors if you are a vegan, and we’d love for you to leave your feedback on Tripadvisor. Some of the best meals and experiences might be missed, however, if you don’t ever chat to the restaurant staff.

Often they’ll point out something on the menu that you never would have noticed, and a quick word in the chef’s ear can result in some amazing food arriving at your table. So come and visit us, experience and enjoy!


Dishes made to your exact taste and requirements!

Remember, if it’s not on the menu, we can make it to your exact request and heat strength level. So for example,  if you wuld like to order Masala Stuffed Peppers minus the Paneer cheese, and want a vegan alternative filling such as Masala Chickpeas or Sag Aloo, then that’s perfectly alright by us!


We hope to see you soon at the Maharaja!