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Charity Events

Why not organise a Charity Night at the Maharaja, and receive upto 50% back to your chosen charity?

Guests can enjoy a fun night out with good food, good music and raise money, all for a good cause.

Helping to raise over £3 million for various charities since its opening in 1995, the Maharaja was the first Indian restaurant in Essex to introduce ‘Charity Nights’, so successful was the concept, other restaurants quickly followed suit.

A passionate fundraiser, Siraj has personally organised many of the charity and fundraising events, whilst others, have been organised by local companies, groups and individuals for charities close to their hearts.

So why not join in and organise your own fundraising event? Kids can join in too!

Simply let us do the hard work. All you have to do is invite your guests, organise raffles, speeches, whatever you think will boost the fundraising, and we’ll ensure everyone is well fed and has a great time, all for a good cause!

A free DJ is available upon request for charity group bookings of 100 people or more. Please enquire when booking in advance.


It’s simple!

3 Course Buffet (Appetisers, Starters, Main Course)
Sun-Wed – £9.00 per head
Thurs – £10.00 per head
Fri – £13.00 per head

Unfortunately we do not hold charity events on Saturdays

The designated amount added by the customer to these prices is the amount that goes to charity!

So, if you decide to charge your guests £16 each for the special event between Sun-Wed, £8 will go to charity!


(Min group bookings of 20 people – max 150) (Friday max is 120 people)

(Prices are for adults and children.)


Above prices do not apply during the festive period 21 Nov-2nd Jan. 


Please contact us on 01268 794541 / 01268 792141 during opening hours to find out more or email us at info@maharajagroup.co.uk.

In the meantime, feel free to browse what’s on offer at the Maharaja buffet!